The holiday season is fast approaching. Are you ready for what’s in store?

  • Reason #1: Online Holiday Shopping is On The Rise
    Holiday online shopping is at an all-time high, and stores are seeing significant increases each year. According to, holiday sales in the United States continue to grow. In 2018, sales in November and December increased 16.6 percent over the same period in the previous year – almost $20 billion in additional sales. The 2019 season promises an even bigger surge, which is as good a reason as any to review your fulfillment strategy to ensure you are prepared.
  • Reason #2: Most of Your Business Will Happen Within a Small Window of Time
    If you are like most eCommerce retailers, more than half of your business will happen during the peak 30-day holiday shopping window. With so much activity concentrated in such a short period of time, you need to be confident that all your systems are running at their peak.
  • Reason #3: You Can Count on a Significant Increase in Demand
    An increase in demand raises the stakes for eCommerce. Making accurate buying decisions is critical at this time of year to avoid costly overstock or out-of-stock situations. Testing products now will help you capitalize on the increased market demand and allow you to take on heavier inventory positions for the holidays.

Be prepared for what may come
Having a well-oiled machine is just the beginning. Your team is only as good as the tools they have to do the job. Though many companies bring in extra personnel to help them through the holidays, automating processes will help in many ways.

In a broad sense, you will increase volume, reduce errors, and get your products into your customers’ hands more reliably than ever before. From a business standpoint, you will gain vital business intelligence. Real-time analytics help you maximize sales, make better purchasing decisions, and better manage your inventory, even at a global level.


How eCommerce Direct Can Help
Successful eCommerce businesses have several things in common. They provide a frictionless experience for the customer. They have complete visibility and control over their inventory, and they are focused on building relationships, not merely making the sale.

The eCommerce Direct platform offers an end-to-end solution that supports all eCommerce processes, from the source to the warehouse and all the way to the customer’s door.

Our solutions are ideal for eCommerce operations with increased seasonal demand for holiday order fulfillment. With a combination of RFID technology and advanced analytic tools, your warehousing will be running at peak efficiency.

Orders will be picked, packed, and shipped quickly and accurately. Your team and your customers will enjoy complete transparency into the fulfillment process. Holiday orders will arrive on time, and you will be ready to manage any volume of returns. But the benefits don’t stop there.

With detailed, real-time analytics, not only into your sales but also into your customer’s buying journey, you have boundless opportunities to expand your reach, improve your service delivery, streamline your internal operations, and dominate your niche.

To learn more about how we can help, reach out today.