Managing returns is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce. Since customers are unable to physically experience or try on the product until it is delivered it is crucial to provide your shoppers with as much knowledge on the product as possible. This will not only help to reduce returns but will provide a positive shopping experience and turn a site visitor into a happy repeat customer. In this blog we’ll discuss three strategies to reduce fit related returns.

  1. Utilizing Augmented Reality
    AR technology has come a long way and popular brands like Asos are utilizing the technology to digitally ‘map’ the same clothing items on different size models. By showing the same item on a range of body types, shoppers will have a better idea of how an item will fit them and even help them to select the correct size.
  2. Provide Size and Fit Information in Customer Reviews
    Including size and fit information in customer reviews gives potential shoppers a better idea of what size will best fit them. For example, if a shopper sees that a particular dress runs large they can confidently order it in a smaller size without having to worry about returning it later. By displaying this information on your product pages you’ll be able to increase buyer confidence and help shoppers make the right purchasing decision.
  3. Include Customer Photos
    While professional product photos provide shoppers with an idea of what to expect from a purchase, including customer photos, adds a level of authenticity and allows shoppers to see how a product looks in “real life.” By providing shoppers with this visual information they’ll be able to make a well-informed decision and be less likely to return the product.

eCommerce retailers need to innovate in order to give their customers the confidence they need to make purchases. By utilizing all of the data at hand from previous customers and technology they’ll be able to reduce some of the strain on their supply chain caused by fit related returns.