Social eCommerce is when social media platforms are used to make a targeted, personalized shopping experience for customers. By providing positive and satisfying experiences through social media, customers can easily share and recommend your brand with their social circles. It makes the greatest marketing tool, word-of-mouth, simple and is changing the way people shop online. Below are some of the key benefits of social eCommerce for businesses.

  1. Brings Social Element to Online Shopping
    Just because the traditional mall is dying doesn’t mean shoppers aren’t still social when making purchasing decisions. In fact, the majority of shoppers still consult with friends and family before making a decision and like to show off their purchases by posting on social media.
  2. Simplifies the Buying Process
    Creating positive shopping experiences is key to gaining repeat business and shoppers remember the stores that make purchasing quick and easy. Since most shoppers that follow brands on social media do so to find new products and by offering purchasing opportunities through social networks instead of having to leave to go to your website you’ll improve the buying experience for your customers.
  3. Provides Consistent Audience Growth
    Every day more and more people join social media sites all over the world while there are already millions actively using them. Social eCommerce makes it simple and easy for brands to reach and sell to their target customers while continuously growing.
  4. Gives Access to a Huge Focus Group
    Social eCommerce not only expedites transactions it can also provide immediate feedback on your products. Customers are already using social media to discuss and review products so if a product isn’t working you’ll know immediately. You’ll be able to take that instant feedback and improve products right away.

The opportunities for growth with social eCommerce are endless as long as it’s done right. As more retailers embrace social media as a viable sales channel, they must rethink how they stay relevant with today’s consumers. They’ll need to realize the importance of integrating social eCommerce with their existing sales channels. Consumers are changing the way they shop online, and retailers need to make the most of social eCommerce before is too late.