The need for instantaneous information is more important than ever. Customers expect shipping information for orders as soon as they’re placed, and vendors expect to know when the warehouse is low on their product. Real-time visibility into what products are available in the warehouse, what is on order to the warehouse, and anticipated order demands are a necessity in today’s fast-paced environment. By implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) with real-time visibility, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors that don’t. Below are four areas where advanced WMS capabilities are crucial to warehouse operations.

  1. Receiving
    An advanced WMS helps to facilitate the movement of received products from the point of arrival to storage in the warehouse. When dealing with new clients you’ll most likely be frequently communicating with them regarding the status of their merchandise. Utilizing a WMS with real-time visibility allows you to quickly and accurately assure them that not only were all the items accounted for but exactly when they arrived.
  2. Storage
    Storage can include the manual or automated transition of product within the warehouse. If the warehouse isn’t using an advanced WMS they’re most likely relying on warehouse workers to anticipate where products should go, and it only takes one distracted worker to write down an incorrect bin location for chaos to ensue. With a real-time WMS you’ll be able to keep track of product locations and movements.
  3. Picking
    When it’s time for a client’s products to move off the shelves the warehouse will need to move quickly and effectively to process the order and ensure their client’s satisfaction. With a real-time WMS you’ll be able to plan your warehouse with optimal picking routes and increase your operational efficiency.
  4. Shipping
    Utilizing an advanced WMS will give you detailed information about all aspects of a shipment meaning you’ll be able to provide your clients and their clients with delivery updates in real-time. You’ll even be able to update clients on shipping billing if a standard shipment ends up changing costs, so they won’t be surprised when an invoice is received after the fact.

By having continuous access to important warehouse information you’ll be able to make the necessary decisions to keep your warehouse operating smoothly. Efficiency, accuracy, and speed are crucial to warehouse operations and having an advanced WMS will give you real-time visibility that you need to keep your client’s happy.