The ability to gain intelligent insights is quickly becoming a necessary tool to running a successful eCommerce business. These insights are enabling eCommerce retailers to automate business processes and achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. Below are four ways to optimize your eCommerce business with intelligent insights.

  1. Shopper Analysis
    Utilizing intelligent insights and big data can help you to develop buyer persona and shopper profiles which can be used to determine customer preferences. By using this data you’ll be able to determine which products your customers like best, when the prefer to shop, as well as learn about unexpected cross-promotional opportunities.
  2. Customer Service
    A major portion of eCommerce success comes from providing excellent customer service when and where a customer needs it. The stats are out there. Customers that are not satisfied will make sure to tell everyone they know about their unpleasant experience. By using intelligent insights you’ll be able to track customer service response times, overall customer experience, and help to resolve any potential issues before the customer even becomes aware of them.
  3. Personalized Shopping Experience
    Shopping online use to be an impersonal process that prevented customers from having any connection to your brand. Thanks to big data and intelligent insights you can now tailor a customer’s shopping experience exactly to them. You’ll be able to suggest items they typically purchase, send personalize promotional messages, and present them with targeted ads.
  4. Inventory Management
    Having the right inventory on hand at the right time can be a big challenge for eCommerce retailers. Using Intelligent insights can help to manage your inventory more efficiently. You’ll be able to have updated, real-time visibility into where your inventory stands, how products are moving through the sales process, as well as which products are being returned. These insights can also help you to predict demand for popular products.

Intelligent insights can be extremely helpful in optimizing your eCommerce business. The benefits of tapping into your customers data can be far wider that what we’ve described but overall it can be a powerful tool in growing your business and setting yourself apart from the competition.